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Dogs Bollox Surfwax


This is very special.

For a while in the early 00s my brother ran a surfwax company, operating out of our parents garage, the product was super popular throughout the UK and we had some of the UK's top pro surfers endorse it (as well as us two being team riders!)

They're handmade; melting down a wax formula and then pouring it into moulds of silicon, waiting for it to set, popping them out and wrapping them individually in the paper. It's extremely time consuming and makes zero profit (which is why the project ceased to be)

But looking back at it now each one feels like an individual piece of art work and at the time I don't think we realised that, for me they have a Warhol esq vibe about them which I just think is so cool.

So this year I have decided to make another small run of them.
Just 50 blocks, you don't need to be a surfer to appreciate them, I think they're a beautiful objet d'art...

...but they also just happen to be really good for surfing too!

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